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Florist Del Mar CA

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Florist Del Mar CA

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Rosemary-Duff is a florist in Del Mar CA. Have an anniversary coming soon? Give them flowers! Don't have a gift for your friend's birthday? Get a bouquet of their favorite flowers! Want to comfort your loved one but don't know how? Flowers will do the trick! Giving flowers as a present has been consistent through diverse times and cultures. But when exactly did it begin? In this article, we discuss the history of the tradition of flower giving. We'll see how it developed through history and spread around the world. Finally, we discover why this tradition was so crucial in the Victorian Era. We see how almost everyone knew exactly the meanings and messages flowers held. For a crash course on the language of flowers, check out our next article!

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The origins of gifting flowers go back to the time of Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and the Roman Empire. These three societies often used flowers in religious traditions. They based their private use of flowers on their beliefs. The Greeks used them as props for theater. They also made them into ornaments for ceremonies. Later, they began exchanging flowers to show devotion towards one another. Societies all throughout history have kept the tradition of gifting flowers. During the Middle Ages, people from Turkey produced the first list of symbolisms for flowers. This later spread throughout the world. Other cultures matched these to their customs and beliefs.

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People from the Victorian Era are often known for being at the height of fanciness. But did you know they used flowers to reveal deep, unspoken feelings towards each other? At that time, people were getting more into gardening and flower care. They sought to grow healthy, vibrant flowers. They also raised new flower varieties. The flowers, in turn, acted as a form of communication. It exchanged messages between lovers, friends, relatives, and even acquaintances. Flowers expressed sentiments ranging from "I love you", to "I treasure you, my friend", to "I'm sorry". They played a key role in how Victorian-era citizens made their emotions known. See, Victorian people thought that saying how you feel was tacky. So they adapted the list of flower meanings back in the Middle Ages. Then, they applied these into how they interacted with each other. This even encompassed romances! Courting was usually done through exchanges of flowers. Some groups even produced alternative meanings to flowers. They did this to interact in secret, hidden from prying eyes. Not long after, most people knew what each and every flower and floral arrangement meant. They could sustain an entire conversation without saying a single word. The practice of flower giving became quite popular. Soon enough, people started using bouquets to send certain messages to people. Even the way that the person presented the floral gift became part of their message. This tradition carried on (of course with less dramatic quality) across history.

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Del Mar is a beach city in San Diego County, California, United States, incorporated on July 15, 1959. Del Mar is Spanish for "of the sea" or "by the sea," which reflects its location on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Del Mar Horse Races are hosted on the Del Mar racetrack every summer. Del Mar, California coordinates 32°57′18″N 117°15′50″W.

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